Event FAQs

1) What is the Torch Run?
An Olympic-style torch relay for Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center pediatric patients, their loved ones, sponsors and celebrities. Each child carries a torch as they run, walk, wheel or are carried the 1/8 mile victory lap. At the end of their lap, each child passes the torch to the next runner as a sign of hope. Sixteen-year old Jonathan Jaques inspired the creation of the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center when he gave his life savings to his parents in 1976 and asked them to help other children in the future. Although Jonathan eventually lost his battle with cancer, his legacy lives on through the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer that was dedicated in his name at Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach in 1983.

2) When is it?
Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

3) Who may participate?
Runners – current or former patients of Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer and their family
Sponsors – Family, friends, businesses, corporations
Volunteers – Anyone

4) How can I help?

5) Where is it?
Shoreline Aquatic Park
200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach
(Next to the Aquarium of the Pacific)

6) Where do I park?
The Pike Parking Garage for a discounted rate of $8

7) Who can I call for additional questions?
Annie Santos at (562) 933-8600

8) Who benefits from this fundraiser and how are the funds used?
All funds support the patients and families at the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center and their programs and research.

9) What about food?
Please feel free to bring a picnic for yourself and family.  A snack shop will also be available to purchase light snacks and drinks.

10) How do I support the Torch Run?
Visit our website and make an online donation and/or mail your Sponsorship Form with a check made payable to:
Memorial Medical Center Foundation / Torch Run
Mail to:
Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center
Attn: Torch Run
2801 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA, 90806

11) Do I have to fundraise?
Fundraising is a great way to show your support of the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center, but it is not manditory.You can ask your family and friends for donations through email, Facebook, and Twitter using the personal fundraising page you create when you register online.

12) Is my donation, and the donations I collect, tax-deductible?
Yes, your donation and the donations you collect are tax deductible.
Online donations will receive an email with their donation information that they can use as their tax receipt. If a donor would like a mailed copy of their tax receipt, please call the Foundation's Events Department at 562.933.4483 or email EventsMMCF@memorialcare.org.
Offline donations (donations that come in through the mail) will receive a tax receipt via snail mail.

13) How do I make a donation to a participant online?
From the Torch Run home page, hover over the Donate menu and select "Donate to a Patient."
Type in the name of the participant in the search tab. Select his/her name and you will be walked through the donation process.

14) I made a donation online and it is not showing up on the Participant’s Fundraising page.
You have to select the participant from the list of walkers, and then make your donation through his/her personal fundraising page.
If you made a General Donation, your donation went to support the general Torch Run event fund.
Please contact us so that the participant can be properly credited. For more information please call the Foundation's Events Department at 562.933.4483 or email EventsMMCF@memorialcare.org.

15) Who do I or my supporters make our checks out to?
Checks can be made out to “MMCF” or “Memorial Medical Center Foundation.”
If you are supporting someone who is fundraising, it is best practice to include “Torch Run – PARTICIPANT'S NAME” in the memo line of the check.

16) What do I do with checks and cash donation?
Please send all cash and check donations to:   
    Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center
    Attn:Torch Run   

    2801 Atlantic Avenue   
    Long Beach, CA 90806
Please include a list with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those who donated and the amount they gave. Also make sure your contact information is included so you get credit for the donations. 

17) What credit cards are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.
18) How can I see who has donated to me?
All online donations will appear in "My Home” on your personal dashboard.
Login to ‘My Page’ with the username and password that you created during registration.You can then view your activity and the amounts that have been donated. If you select the notification box on your page, Torch Run Event will notify you via email for donations made online.
19) Donations I mailed in are not appearing on my personal fundraising page, why?
It takes at least 7-10 days for offline donations to be received, processed, and posted to your personal fundraising page.
If you still don’t see a donation, please contact the Foundation's Events Department at 562.933.4483 or email EventsMMCF@memorialcare.org.
20) Are donations accepted all year long?
Yes, as a charity organization, we accept donations to the Memorial Medical Center Foundation/Torch Run throughout the year.
21) How do I modify my personal fundraising page?
Login to ‘My Page’ using your username and password created during registration.
Click on the “My Page” button and then select “Edit My Web Page."
Here you will be able to build/edit your page.
Check out our detailed HOW TO to help personalize your fundraising page >>

22) I can’t remember my username and password.
Click on the “Forgotten username or password” link on the login page and you will be sent an email with instructions on how to change your login information.

23) Do you need volunteers for the event?
Yes, we are always looking for enthusiastic and responsible volunteers before the event date and the day of the event.
If you would like to volunteer, please click here to register >>>
For any questions, please contact Annie Santos at asantos@memorialcare.org or 562-933-8600